Important Notice: deCarta devZone will no longer be available past February 29th 2016, please click here for more information and options

Important news about deCarta!

Dear deCarta DevZone Customer,

Following the Uber acquisition of deCarta and our customer transition planning, we wish to announce that our DevZone will no longer be open past February 29th 2016, unless otherwise contractually obligated. However, we have signed a definitive agreement with TomTom who will offer long term sales and support options for our customers.

We are pleased to announce that TomTom has successfully implemented the deCarta LBS platform and are ready to take on customers.

If you are interested in the continued use of the LBS platform to be provided by TomTom, please follow these steps:

    1. Register on and accept the default Privacy Policy and Evaluation Agreement.

    2. Go to My Account, Create a new application and specify the services you would need.

    3. You will receive an introduction email about each of the services requested with your API key and usage instructions.

If you encounter any problems, please contact the TomTom support team via the support contact form at

We strongly urge that you start this migration process as soon as possible to avoid any service interruptions.

Best regards,
deCarta LLC

Welcome to the deCarta Developer Platform

The deCarta developer platform is designed to enable you to quickly build your location based applications with maps, search, geocoding, routing, navigation and other advanced LBS capabilities that can be deployed across multiple operating systems and browsers for mobile phones, tablets, desktops and other location-enabled devices.

Leverage deCarta's data integration expertise. We source and process map, POI and traffic content from the leading global and regional suppliers worldwide.
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Here are some of the features available to you:

The REST API is the next generation deCarta technology to replace our existing XML Web Services. The REST API exposes all of the core geospatial functionality of the deCarta Drill Down Server and the new deCarta L2 search engine as well as a whole suite of connected services. Learn more

2. Search & Geocoding services
The deCarta platform offers a robust next generation geospatial search and geocoding solution with features like:
  • pure single line search (fuzzy poi+geocoding)
  • poi only search
  • geocoding only search
  • poi category search
  • search along a route
  • routed search
  • typeahead support
  • point/radius, geo biasing, and 'needle in haystack' options
Learn more

3. Single line search typeahead widget
We have client side technology to provide typeahead/autocomplete functionality out of the box. Android and JavaScript typeahead widgets are available now. iOS support is coming soon.

4. JavaScript client side SDK V4
The new deCarta JavaScript API V4 is a lightweight, full-featured, highly configurable, high performance HTML5-compliant framework for building state of the art LBS applications for desktop and smart phone browsers. The JavaScript API V4 is an update to the JavaScript V3 API to enable it to communicate with the new REST API. Learn more

Is your application written in JavaScript V3 API? It is extremely easy to migrate to JavaScript API V4. Click here to learn how to migrate to JS V4.

Note: Applications writtern in JavaScript V1 API and JavaScript V2 API are still supported. However, we recommend upgrading to the JavaScript V4 API to take advantage of the new features of the REST API.

5. New billing system
We have also integrated a new billing system into the devzone. Now, you can add up one or more credit cards to your devZone account and set them up for monthly billing for each of your applications. Also, you can view your monthly invoices for all your applications that are currently in production. All these new features are available in the enhanced My Account page.
We have also simplified the process of moving your applications in and out of production. You no longer have one API key for development and another for production. There is just one key per application. When you are ready to move your application to production, simply set the toggle to "Prod" in the "Production Mode" section of the My Applications page. Setting the toggle back to 'Dev" will immediately move your application out of production and back into development.

Please note that daily usage limits will be enforced on applications in development. Refer to the Terms of Service document to learn more about the daily usage limits on the devZone.

6. APIs for Connected Services (e.g. parking, weather,etc.)
We now have new APIs that you can use to integrate real-time traffic, local weather, parking and local gas prices info into your applications. Learn more

COMING SOON: New Android and iOS Vector map SDKs are currently in development and will be available soon.

Attention Legacy Users:
If you have been developing applications using the older APIs (JavaScript V3, Bada etc.), you can click here to log in to the old devzone and download the APIs, access the documentation and examples.

Note: The old devzone will be available until May 2014. The legacy XML Hosted WebServices production environment will available until November 2014.

The REST API exposes all of the core geospatial functionality of the deCarta Drill Down Server and the new deCarta L2 search engine as well as a whole suite of connected services.

The deCarta Client SDKs give application developers ultimate flexibility in platform breadth and functionality, without sacrificing performance or ease of use. Learn about and download the SDK for your platform

We provide global map data. However, not all features are available in every country. Click to see exactly what is available for your country/area.

Our Terms of use and our Pricing are simple and transparent.

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